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Inspiration – conspiration

The incentive aspect in below film for contributors on is hopefully to either write on this mediawiki or indeed to create ones own. The Glass Bead Game of the regular gal and guy, is not bound to a particular site, method or software ...

I everything connects to everything

everything connects to everything | 04:53 | 24.4MB


II site layout

the layout | comment ”anonymously” | 06:54 | 28MB

III basic editing

basic editing | the phone is ringing | 02:20 | 9.2MB

IV tad more coding

tad more coding | creating internal links and pages | 04:39 | 20MB

V more fancy codes

more fancy codes | adding video, images, collapsible tables | 02:42 | 12.8MB

VI questions?

search | questions? | Mail a user | become a contributor! Why not! | this site really rocks! | 03:48 | 14.4MB
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additional formats and exfo

music with kind ”permission” The Alan Parsons Project, I Robot, Nucleus, 1977

The 5 min introduction on YouTube

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