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Wikinormous is the intuitive answer to any knowledge based Wiki you may find out there. Wikinormous contains or provides hardly any "norms", but, rather, attempts to scope the unlimited potentials to frame and constantly re-frame human existence; duplicate singularities; and blow up balloons from the inside. A suitable place to dive into the wiki is here.

wikinormous is not a traditional (wiki)pedia

While wikinormous is organized as a wiki, it is not an attempt to complement or emulate other (wiki)pedias. There is no claim by wikinormous to become a source of undisputed "truths" or unambiguous positions. Thus, neither the individual pages nor the wiki as a whole should be regarded as advancing any norms or fortified positions.

how can I contribute?

By becoming a registered uses, you can create and edit posts on Take a look in the help page for more information and of course in the Introduction film. is

The Glass Bead Game of the regular gal and guy!

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[:About] is a creative, intellectual, artificial and mind-bending undertaking, initiated by oscar berven, Henrik Somogyvari and Kristian Nilsson October 2008.

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