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”For example: the Western Blot by which you're measuring four strands of the gag gene in one country, three in Australia, two in Africa. The P-120, P-160, P-41, P-32, P-24, P-31 - so what they're doing is if you tested positive in one country you could go to another country and test negative. Same test, same blood. Just because they have different standards. There's not even a standard, a universal standard.”

”So it is crazy. It's crazy. And I'll tell you this: Why don't you do this: Ask your average doctor who would give you an antibody test, ask him, "Describe the Western Blot. What is it exactly? What exactly is it measuring? How exactly does it measure it? And how exactly is it different from the ELISA test?”

”Then say this: "Did you know that they stopped using the Western Blot in most of Europe and in England in 1992, because they saw that it was so worthless?" Then ask your doctor, "Did you know that the man, Robert Gallo, makes a royalty off every one of these tests that are done? That it is one of the most profitable tests in the word? And who does the money go to?” Gary Null


HIV TEST IS A FRAUD Gary Null, host of Natural Living, WBAI Radio, New York City Portion of broadcast 3/21/96


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