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If the system of money ever was worth its claim, we couldn't have more of it since the day we started it. What we have more of is (someone else's) arbitrary money, paper money i.e. fractional reserve paper notes, de facto a receipt of debt (and more middle class). The only actual expansion lies in development, knowledge and insight, and even then we must be very careful since many of them depend heavily on the very same money system. A highly deceptive game of gauging, valuing, ruling and judging, where most of the populous have no say. One basic motive for 'rulers' not accepting autonomy is that the peoples are the actual workpower and build everything what the self proclaimed authority deem fit in accordance to given money system.

We are today not richer than ever before, but greedier.


It is time to fathom that everyone is a unique creator. And we can not really collectively judge ones creation 'better or worse' since that requires a framework of norms that falls under given premise (the norm can be 'worse') Indeed we should have personal preferences such as;

the eyes of the beholder

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