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Terence McKenna presents his ideas about Timewave Zero (1994). The video consists of two major parts. The parts are roughly referrenced in the sections on this page under the video with links to the actual place in the video which is quoted or referred to.

The video on Google Video

First part

"We are moving into a completely different kind of ontos of the relationship between man and the nature." (1.05)

Analyzing I Ching and numerological speculation (1.20)

Presentation of the wave (03.40)

McKenna predicts that around May 1996 may be a period of great novelty. (06.40)

2012: The final terminus of the wave. The wave descends into maximum novelty - then, the wave is dampered (07.00).

Second part: Historical Resonances of the Time Wave (8.38)

"The historical periods are shaped by the historical period that they are in resonance with by this theory" (9.30)

"It is counterintuitive to say that Nazi Germany is a resonance of Pharaoic Egypt" (10.00)

The spiral (of history) is tightening as it goes faster and faster until December 2012 (14.15)

"Then everything is becoming connected to everything else" (14.35)

James Joyce's Ulysses (15.30)

A great turning-point 1967-1968 (17.40)

The psychadelic experience is to collect ideas: "We each must become like fishermen and go out on to the dark ocean of mind and let your nets down into that sea" (21.20).

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