The Central Bank Gold Agreement (CBGA)

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During this time of economic turmoil and contracting world trade, it would seem logical that people put their money into "safe" investments like gold. The gold price has not risen as a reaction to crumbling stock values, which perhaps had been expected.

Several new articles a week about issues related to gold are published at Market Oracle and it is outside the scope of this page to discuss fluctuating gold process. Here the focus will be on the The Central Bank Gold Agreement which was an agreement in 1999 about regulating the decrease of positions of gold of central banks in the West.

This article is only in the beginning, so the first link will be to the Press Communique from 1999.

new global currency backed by gold?

”There is mounting evidence that there has been a larger plan underway to corner the global supply of gold, thus laying the groundwork for a global currency exclusively controlled by Trilaterals and their friends. By extension, economic and political mechanisms would be controlled to the same extent. ”

"He who has the gold, makes the rules." from Patrick Wood The August Review

”Discipline” through a new global Gold standard? Russia and others with such interests on the G20 London meeting on 2nd of April 2009, with gold possibly added to the SDR Special Drawing Right, IMFs international reserve asset (IRA?)

Though the more true hidden hands behind IMF is BIS.

Medvedev presenting The Solution


The Italy 10 july 2009 G8 meeting resulting in a ”united” world currency, United Future World Currency


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