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humble stance

Though, if we are to have one real dilemma this one may be it. Despite all the love we can imagine, the want-it-all, love of greed might be in a perpetual dispute with the ”humble stance”.

Unless the love parallax is as strong as I hope.
oscar berven 090106

Hoppla, to say the least

Sylvia Plath in a perfect synchronicity

Love Is A Parallax

'Perspective betrays with its dichotomy:
train tracks always meet, not here, but only
     in the impossible mind's eye;
horizons beat a retreat as we embark
on sophist seas to overtake that mark
     where wave pretends to drench real sky.'

'Well then, if we agree, it is not odd
that one man's devil is another's god
     or that the solar spectrum is
a multitude of shaded grays; suspense
on the quicksands of ambivalence
     is our life's whole nemesis.

So we could rave on, darling, you and I,
until the stars tick out a lullaby
     about each cosmic pro and con;
nothing changes, for all the blazing of
our drastic jargon, but clock hands that move
     implacably from twelve to one.


oscar berven 090107