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mandatory world

So ones again, what is it we have to be provided externally with that we can not give our selves? Vaccine industry reaches vast profits clearly correlating with becoming increasingly mandatory. Nowdays we inoculate every little sneeze, from cervical cancer (HPV) to influenza to common cold to odd ”combo deceases” like AIDS and many ”many” other. Vaccines are upon us directly after conception following all ages in these absurd ”cocktails”. We have had this more or less normality of scheduled intravenous (extravenous really) vaccination for ca 100 years, historically even further back in the west from 15th century and even earlier in the east. But what about thousands of years back? We can hardly have been an altogether immunity fragile species to have come this far. We eventually die, indeed, that's something we have to live with ... but why not with an intact personal immune system? There are no similar coercive methods found in nature. The sales pitch incentive is that we can be infected with milder versions of otherwise quite severe bacteria or virus, and yet become immune from the latter. History will suggest we have handled such sales talk pretty well on our own.

Immunity is like fear. There are no pills that can make fears disappear, but you have to self experience them to overcome them. Like any skill you practice, you have to do it on your own, become stronger and more capable. Extravenous solutions are never gonna help you from decease, extra evident when these industries at its core are profit based (most ”treatment” is merely focused on symptom and does not cure anything). Such industries and market interests are meant to ”customize” us, i.e. make us dependent. Pharmaceutical industry does not want a naturally healthy population or likewise energy industry, that we would be able to access or tap into ”free energy” our selves. The energy industries and many other, are in fact sucking up more energy than they ”give” back, in the form of pollution, deforestation, cheap labor, other nature drainage, and not least, perpetual ”rent” coming from the rest of us. A profit based society will never allow the opposite, a compassion and love based.

In Lies We Trust

segment from In Lies We Trust, by Dr Leonard Horowitz Full documentary on Googlevideo

Initial research and development of medicine and vaccines is probably mostly well intended, but can obviously become corrupt. We could even argue that today's medicinal methods have become cancerous as a whole (as this post/discussion argues). The pharmaceutical industries are real ”deceases” for humanity. As most symptoms are ”treated”, the source is forgotten. We take painkillers in stead of finding the cause, the ”motives”.

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fear, the immunity downer 2

Our normally important instinct – fight or flight – does indeed put aside the immunity system so as to pave way survival energy for direct physical struggle. Focus must be on external threat, not internal in some critical moments. The problem is that fear/stress situations work the same in every day efforts too, work stress, competitive sports, violent computer games, allsorts business fear propaganda, perpetual conflicts/wars, perhaps we can sum it up as ”false flag fears”. These induces the same response, the adrenaline reaction. It reduces our immunity ”as it should”, but again with increasingly false motives (so good for business).

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