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For matter to transform from liquid to solid or vice versa (mostly we talk of four states; solid, liquid, gas and plasma) requires extra effort. It does not just click and happen as it progresses. It apparently behooves an escalating amount of energy the closer it comes to either pivot, or many "different" energies such as kinetic, heat, or indeed vacuum energy?

States of Human

Very much like an ordeal, a great challenge or one of those peak moments of achievement. The states of human. They are life changing moments. You can't just reach those goals half-minded. Such moments are not meant to be easy. They could even claim your life. The extreme transformation of the butterfly for example is an utter metamorphosis between in many aspects two totally different species, not obligatory with a favorable outcome. It is talked about in Bill Moyers, Power of Myth interview series with Joseph Campbell, the Hero's Adventure. The ultimate aggregation in most hero journeys is indeed life and death. The soon to be shaman must undergo the death experience to become one. The hero is ready to risk his life for something bigger than himself or other than himself. It does not require dragons, swords and princesses, we do meet these great tests in our "ordinary" life as much. Everybody passes these aggregations in every possible different way.

Arguably, the mandala may according to Jung represent the centre in a life of flux.

States of the world

Back to the larva, the eating machine. An oblivious cruncher, with a most interesting "end". The immune system of the caterpillar is furiously fighting for survival. But it has to let go. It will die no matter if the butterfly comes to existence or if the process stops. The butterfly will come into existence thanks to the caterpillar that well has served its purpose. The larva has transformed to a higher level, another paradigm. Other lifeforms including humans have a larva like stage, in many senses as a less minded eater.

This is a similar image Catherine Austin Fitts writes about when talking of the mindless tapeworm eating its way through the economy, but for what purpose? What is the effect of it? Is it possible to see it as symptom of a transformation on a world scale? Symptom of an overconsuming mindless horde. What in this extra effort and time of challenge could come out of it all?

Some suggest the elite are well aware of this, with planning or not, many seem to address the one (new) world order. Are we talking of the same world? Is it your own personal paradigm coming into view, or a collective world governing? Fitts says "The story of how a tapeworm parasitically eats away at its ecosystem came at a moment when the math lover in me was having an adverse reaction to the description of America as the new Roman Empire ..." "The investment economics of American imperial conquest work more along the lines of the tapeworm than of the Romans.". We probably never should see these phenomena as the same, but symbolically, it is still transformation through great problems, oppositions and trials. The Phoenix way, destruction and rebirth, rise and fall, and rise again ...


  • Ray Kurzweil (see latest 2011 documentary Transcendent Man) and a number of other transhumanists and futurists certainly research the human aggregation and directly strive for it, with the technological effort such as genetics, nano technology, computer science (AI) etc, they envision the 'singularity' as the pivotal point.

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