Rockefellers urge you to take to violence

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Here one of the Illuminati's latest infomercials, made by the rockefellers. You really need proof? (1.15.56)

The Illuminati want you to take to guns, and they want you to become a criminal, they want you to make a PROBLEM out of yourself, so they can drug you, shock you, capitalize on you through bureaucracies like prison etc. all the way to the furnace.

These enterprises have to be funded of course, that's why the rockefellers and others have payed and played both sides since at least Napoleon.

The ultimate objective? You, and to squeeze you in the middle. What else?

The Fourth World War on Googlevideo

This Is What Democracy Looks Like, Seattle activism, WTO protests, also on A quite militarized and weaponised inciting site.

Democracy Now and Amy Goodman also a co-producer and advisor

why mainstream goes ”fringe”

Why does Hannity talk of ”conspiracy theorists being right”, Glenn Beck talks of Algorism and banking elite, or Ann Coulter is all over Ron Paul? Could it be yet more of hijacking tactics where confusion and disinformation and diversion is necessary to fight the real grass root due to its size and methods of spreading fast over internet?

”Well, if you want to get a revolt going, why not disclose false flag terror (such as Michael Savage started to do recently for the first time on his radio show where he foretold Obama’s upcoming Reichstag)? That sure would do it if the mass media went that far and all-at-once got this the real-ness of false flag terror into the minds of the sappy and unfocussed citizenry, shocking them to the core by totally upsetting their established belief system, all right when that citizenry was destitute, in a depression, filled with bird flu epidemic fears, with millions living tent cities, hungry and cold, and so on, as is most likely going to be the case this fall or winter. Was Savage’s recent comment a prelude to this? ... It is quite obvious the New World Order is pushing for violence ...” Jeffrey Grupp

Further examples of aggressive revolts

is The New Culture of Resistance ”Generation OS13” the way to go about societal change? Will more or less violent hooded revolts towards injustice, ubiquitous surveillance, corruption and governmental coercion be proper creative reactions? Make yourself heard, sure, and some important issues are indeed addressed in this documentary; banking, our taxes collectively used for illegal wars, governmental/political immunity etc. But isn't it a quite obvious promotion here towards 'cool' hip hop, v for vendetta like aggressive action? Going against the stream seams not the way, why not rather go 'new stream' (be and do the change you want)

The people we see here are in some type of uniform. A cloak that represent you rather than you representing it. The police in their outfit, helmet, weapons, shields and the ”law”. The ”anarchist” in their hoods, masks, stones and ”unlaw” on their side. Both parties strengthened by a mob-like anonymity. Us and Them. A very monochrome view. But standing naked, individual to individual, would the same thing happen? With no mass-suggested conformity? Are we ready to represent ourselves ...

”Occupy Yourself – Not The Streets” Andrew Dawson

To actually create your way out of the predicament that big big brother is as real today as your bank account is, will make the control factor impossible. Don't create headlines in the newspaper about coming G8 meeting protests. Create innovation and novelty thinking at the dinner table at home. Be and do the paradigm shift. Inspire! Spread it locally. Do it today! Control factor will thus be minimized. The agent provocateurs, violent incitements, false flags, hooligans and hijackers would get little stronghold in true grass root movement

The means justify the end.

“If you are still fighting the system, you are still caught within it” David Icke

”You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Buckminster Fuller

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