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A division of thought becomes letters, words and language. We illustrate or model our perceptions of reality. We create maps and images to easier show the world in a smaller scale. It is practical we say, because we couldn't carry the whole world in our pocket. What David Bohm calls Rheomode, is addressing a similar relation as impossibility of motion, because thoughts needs a constant flow and to override the paradoxical, the flow has to continue in an infinite way. Words and language, spoken and written (there are of course other communicative methods), are certainly further division and fragmentation of thought-flow into symbols.

Rheomode is meant to explain "the subject-verb-object structure of language". Bohm continues;

"For example, consider the sentence 'It is raining.' Where is the 'It' that would, according to the sentence, be 'the rainer that is doing the raining'? Clearly, it is more accurate to say: 'Rain is going on.' ... 'An observer looks at an object', we can more appropriately say, 'Observation is going on, in an undivided movement involving those abstractions customarily called "the human being" and "the object he is looking at".'"

"Is it not possible for the syntax and grammatical form of language to be changed so as to give a basic role to the verb rather than to the noun? This would help to end the sort of fragmentation indicated above, for the verb describes actions and movements, which flow into each other and merge, without sharp separations or breaks. Moreover, since movements are in general always themselves changing, they have in them no permanent pattern of fixed form with which separately existent things could be identified."

Such a method, or mode of flow-language could be named rheomode, rheo, Greek verb for flow.

Hebrew, Bohm explains is a very verb rooted language, though modernized it still holds the verb principal.

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