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”Military employee warned before attack”

A person from the Swedish Armed Forces (Försvarsmakten) strongly advised an acquaintance a couple of hours before the explotions in Stockholm City to stay away from Drottninggatan.
... in central Stockholm on Saturday where, several hours later, two explosions went off in what is being called a terrorist attack.
”If possible, avoid Drottninggatan today. A lot could happen there ... just for your information”, the message said, according to TT news agency.

subtle glitch in the matrix

Except for the fact that some credible information does slip through mostly in the beginning of a news phenomena like this. Except that this news article should if anything be 'echoed' in the media (read Assange), not become dribbled around and lost by any news publisher (the silence is telltale), how is it possible then that at least four, with three different owners and publishers misplace so similarly, so synchronously, and even erase it completely? The rubric says it all?

Despite the story itself being very important, true or not, is secondary to the subtle but obvious media shuffle as if being centrally controlled either directly by some powerful individuals or by a consensus/political correctness convention hindering us and dumbing us down.

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A lot of creativity, but for whom?

From Intelligence vis-à-vis AI

All professions and workplaces have a lot of creativity going on, not just presumed ones. One important aspect no matter if one works at Pixar, State Department or Clean Away, is the motive. The 'On whose behalf are you being creative' question. All the schemes, profit incentives, strategies and agendas in creating for example an entertaining film ties into the programming issue, the I/O.

"In latter times I think that artists and writers have allowed themselves to be sold down the river. They have accepted the prevailing belief that art, that writing are merely forms of entertainment. They are not seen as transformative forces that can change a human being, that can change a society ... It is not the job of artists to give the audience what the audience want. If the audience knew what they needed, then they wouldn't be the audience. They would be the artist." Alan Moore

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economic or state coups via ”legal” machinations

From Coup d'état techniques

Possibly the most effective and most extensive tool (both globally and historically) is to go via ”democratic” and legislative” processes, because no one see them coming. Some call them gradualism (Fabian) methods since they in slow degrees still create great changes, often put in comparison to revolutionary changes.

propose the bad, remedy the worse

The problem-reaction-solution of e.g. the Aldrich Plan, which came after the infamous Jekyll Island meeting. The proposal was however too much a bankers dream plan and was rejected by the opinion. Charles Lindberg said ”The Aldrich Plan is the Wall Street plan”. In comes the ”solution”, the Glass (-Owen) bill, where congressman Carter Glass after critiquing the Aldrich Plan lacking governmental control on the more monopolizing private bankers. As a perfect script the bankers then recoiled, kicking and screaming as in an exorcism, thus hinting ”great for the populous”, giving the go ahead for this "new better" bill. This bill was the Federal Reserve Act. Also many mention the Act was voted on very close to the Christmas holidays, a day few representatives remain in Congress, a trick used before.

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"... If you look up Conspire in a dictionary it says that “two or more” come together and “breathe” (con-with, together and spirare-to breathe, spirare, also suggesting-spirit) but my take is that, with the above milder version of conspire, it folds perfectly under One mans agenda too. Indeed to make two you must have one. To breathe is our cause and effect for survival. It is the first we do and the very last and in between we spire a lot. We transpire, inspire, aspire, respire and expire. The system we are born into and part of is a vast conspiring sphere whether we like it or not and it is clear we can’t see all aspects of it, even if we consciously and eagerly are trying ..."


It seems these 3 factors are those that most forcefully (or lovingly, maybe, in the case of being in love, f ex) opens doors to other dimensions.
Like Jesus said: "For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them"
Like Preston Nichols said: "youtube #t=3m03s "
Like Graham Hancock said:

DMT | Electro Magnetism | Love | Mind | Jazz | Literature | Preston | YouTube clip | Transformation | Mind-expansion

Ridding HIV with natural immune system

From Fear, the immunity downer

Below segment with Luc Montagnier, from 2009 documentary House of Numbers, indeed saying one can with natural (nutrition, good hygien, antioxidants etc) immune system, get rid of HIV (sans vaccines!). Not good selling point for drug industry. Additionally he speaks of "fighting the other infections", malaria, TBC, worms ... that otherwise tends to go under the AIDS umbrella.

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fear, the immunity downer

From Cancerous motives and distribution of energy

Could we not say profit interests are fear based? The fear of losing market shares. The energy industry, as a telling example, would not like power/energy to be something you yourself could ”tap into”. That would kill all sales pitch. A fatal blow for such industry, is the notion of free energy. Oh, ”free does not exist”, we must have costly technology and proprietary innovation in order to deliver that precious energy to our customers. Dependability is crucial to preserve. The corporation is bound to deliver more money, exponentially to its shareholders, as ”naturally” as we are dependent on the delivery of that energy. Indeed we are meant to be ”customized”, but not by ourselves.

Well, the energy company does not create anything other than means to deliver. They do not ”create energy”. They ”tap into it”. A nuclear power plant is in fact not manufacturing the energy potential, there is clearly creativity and much innovation, but only to more or less clunky methods for tapping in, and distribution. It boils down to how we want to distribute and share ”energy”, a symbol-word equal to anything what we as living beings need e.g. love, food, knowledge or creativity, basically survival, how we network and communicate, how we evolve. In my mind, capitalistic ideas are fear based motives for distributing the very necessities of life (mind you, necessities by 'their' definition, not necessarily by your). To otherwise share, with no hefty price tag attached to it, is something that creates a type of allergy in the minds of ”free market people”. I don't see anything free at all in the manic maintenance of property, patent and profit. To share is not socialism as the standard dictionary tells us. Sharing in its purest form is simply to leave open for others to optionally embrace or utilize, not compulsory by one individual, group or state.

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Hand magic & Neuro linguistic programming

Here an example of a tv-host trying to nullify an interviewee on live television with the aid of gestures, interruptions, short-changing, etc. This video demonstrates the neuro linguistic programming utilized by Fox News anchor Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes during an interview with Kevin Barrett:

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Graffiti on the Georgia Guidestones

In mid December 2008 a debate about a possible act of vandalisation of the Georgia Guidestones occured at several "alternative" forums.

It has become much easier to obtain information in the era of the internet, but it is also very easy to alter and to create "bogus" information. Surfers and discussants on the forums have to be alert about disinformation. Such necessary scepsis sometimes leads to a state of limbo, where there is no general consensus whether the news or information is accurate or not. A thread at the forum Godlike productions about the alleged act of vandalisation turned into a debate whether the photos which were provided as "evidence" were "photoshopped" or not. The controversy was "solved" when a contributor claimed to have been in contact with local authorities in Georgia, USA. They were supposed to have confirmed that the attack on the monument had occurred.

The ambivalence suddenly morphed into a fact.

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The Hockey stick

Hockey stick yes, but backwards-upside down.

An invention by Michael Mann of the Department of Geosciences, University of Massachusetts.
By using tree rings as indicative for past temperature changes (going back to 1000 AD) – effectively making The medieval heat period and The little ice age invisible and creating an overall benign, slightly cooling trend in temperatures – and then at the end of the graph slabbing temperature points from urban heat islands, Michael Mann created The Hockey stick
A more lexical definition would be: sharply bent object giving Al Gore an Oscar and a Grammy award for promoting the new world order.

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The Power of Myth Interviews

Joseph Campbell, the knowledgeable old man who loved to tell great stories, legends and myths from around the world delves deeper into the meaning of it all, in a scholarly manner but probably most importantly in a joyful and playful way. Finding the authority in ideology, religion and mythology is an adventures journey not so much in the earthly world, but within the spiritual self. Watch on, Bill Moyer's six part interview series.

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diversion deluxe

From The Man who never was

Aiming to divert through false flag espionage, intelligence or operation, with an extra twist one simply tells everything. Give the opponent both the true and false scheme, and then put all the effort into the subsequently more manageable (human) markers. If rumors were to spill of the "real operation" then it could more easily be redirected with further smoke and mirrors, if at all necessary. Means of manipulation gets added maneuverability in a "play both sides tactics".

In The Man who never was, they apparently did just that. Focus on giving ”credibility” to the false information. This tangents to the oft mentioned "hidden in plain site" method.

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Scientism teapot

the biscuit crumbles

As a true skeptic or perspectivist, one has to be skeptic to the very language, semiotics and instruments one uses to perceive and explain ones science and theories. The language is not perfect to say the least, it is in fact very crude. Language is symbol for reality, or ”the map is not the territory”. What ever ”reality” is seems to be forever revised by new discoveries ...

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George Hunt Williamson

Real life Indiana Jones. Though a huge portion of the Indiana Jones audience didn't understand what the heck aliens had to do with archaeology, even those who didn't know about the origin of the character had a feeling that there was no other way to end the Indiana story.

After having the audacity to include his contactee experiences into his archaeology research, George Hunt Williamson lost his professorship at the University of Colorado. He had learned from his ET-contacts that life on earth originated from Mars, and had during a visit to the Andes been shown the original crystals with micro-engravings of this scenario. At the same time the nazis found corroborating artefacts and scrolls for the Mars connection in Tibet, in their search for world domination through occult powers.

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Sustaining highs

"Heller persuaded Kennedy to move leftward along this spectrum by stimulating the economy — effectively accepting higher inflation in exchange for more jobs."

"It worked for a time. The economy flourished; inflation inched up only marginally. But as the Kennedy administration became the Johnson administration became Nixon became Carter, growth stagnated and inflation skyrocketed. It was clear that, over the long term, the government could no more trade “a little inflation” for sustained growth than a drug addict could use “a little heroin” for a sustained high." [1] From Cycles of Doom, nytimes NOAM SCHEIBER

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States of matter


For matter to transform from liquid to solid or vice versa (mostly we talk of four states; solid, liquid, gas and plasma) requires extra effort. It does not just click and happen as it progresses. It apparently behooves an escalating amount of energy the closer it comes to either pivot, or many "different" energies such as kinetic, heat, or indeed vacuum energy?

States of Human

Very much like an ordeal, a great challenge or one of those peak moments of achievement. The states of human. They are life changing moments. You can't just reach those goals half-minded. Such moments are not meant to be easy. They could even claim your life. The extreme transformation of the butterfly for example is an utter metamorphosis between in many aspects two totally different species, not obligatory with a favorable outcome. It is talked about in Bill Moyers, Power of Myth interview series with Joseph Campbell, the Hero's Adventure. The ultimate aggregation in most hero journeys is indeed life and death. The soon to be shaman must undergo the death experience to become one. The hero is ready to risk his life for something bigger than himself or other than himself. It does not require dragons, swords and princesses, we do meet these great tests in our "ordinary" life as much. Everybody passes these aggregations in every possible different way.



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Hemp: American history revisited: the plant with a divided history" By Robert Deitch

mandatory world

From Fear, the immunity downer

What is it we have to be provided externally with that we can not give our selves? Vaccine industry reaches vast profits clearly correlating with becoming increasingly mandatory. Nowdays we inoculate and medicate every little sneeze, from cervical cancer, (HPV) to influenza (H1N1 et al.) to common cold to odd ”combo deceases” like AIDS and many ”many” other. Vaccines are upon us directly after conception following all ages in these absurd ”cocktails”. We have had this more or less normality of scheduled intravenous (extravenous really) vaccination for ca 100 years, historically even further back in the west from 15th century and even earlier in the east. But what about thousands of years back? We can hardly have been an altogether immunity fragile species to have come this far. We eventually die, indeed, that's something we have to live with ... but why not with an intact personal immune system? There are no similar coercive methods found in nature. The sales pitch incentive is that we can be infected with milder versions of otherwise quite severe bacteria or virus, and yet become immune from the latter. History will suggest we have handled such sales talk pretty well on our own ... read further »»

unaccountable private defense contractors

or ”everything's going Blackwater”

From Advanced militarization the gravest global terrorism

Jeremy Scahill, author of Blackwater:The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army, tells us of a vastly increasing privatization of military presence and operation over the world. The amount of corporate armies and contractors (Blackwater/Xe, CACI, Greystone, Halliburton, BAE Systems, Raytheon, Dyncorps, Triple Canope, Lockeed Martin, Boeing, AEGIS ...) outnumber traditional forces, and instances of possible abuse or murder goes under the radar for accountability.

Jeremy Scahill Testifies on Defense Contracting, May 2007

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What are historical facts?

”First then, What is historical fact? Let us take a simple fact, as simple as the historian often deals with, (for example): “In the year 49 B.C. Caesar crossed the Rubicon.” A familiar fact this is, known to all, and obviously of some importance since it is mentioned in every history of the great Caesar. But is this fact as simple as it sounds?” Carl L. Becker

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The Wave

From Blue eyed are better than brown eyed

A similar school class experiment, The Third Wave, in 1967 with history teacher Ron Jones. The students couldn't believe how so many Germans ignored the rise of Nazism or indeed joined the movement, till they got a taste of what ”superiority” might mean for themselves. Below, the 1981 TV movie version. Also Die Welle 2008 German adaptation.

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From Manipulating children's devotion

George W. Bush & Co probably used the children at Booker Elementary School ceremonially during the occult 911 twin towers demolition ceremony. The words pronounced are kite ... hit ... steel ... plane ... must ...


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new global currency backed by gold?

From The Central Bank Gold Agreement (CBGA)

”There is mounting evidence that there has been a larger plan underway to corner the global supply of gold, thus laying the groundwork for a global currency exclusively controlled by Trilaterals and their friends. By extension, economic and political mechanisms would be controlled to the same extent. ”

"He who has the gold, makes the rules." from Patrick Wood The August Review

”Discipline” through a new global Gold standard? Russia and others with such interests on the G20 London meeting on 2nd of April 2009, with gold possibly added to the SDR Special Drawing Right, IMFs international reserve asset (IRA?)

Though the more true hidden hands behind IMF is BIS.

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A division of thought becomes letters, words and language. We illustrate or model our perceptions of reality. We create maps and images to easier show the world in a smaller scale. It is practical we say, because we couldn't carry the whole world in our pocket. What David Bohm calls Rheomode, is addressing a similar relation as impossibility of motion, because thought needs a constant flow and to override the paradoxical, the flow has to continue in an infinite way. Words and language, with focus here on the spoken and written, there are of course other communications methods, are certainly further division and fragmentation of thought-flow into symbols.

Rheomode is meant to explain "the subject-verb-object structure of language".

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What in Earth is oil anyway?

Part of Daily Telegraph's greatest conspiracy theories in history

”The modern Russian-Ukrainian theory of deep, abiotic petroleum origins recognizes that petroleum is a primordial material of deep origin which has been erupted into the crust of the Earth. In short, and bluntly, petroleum is not a “fossil fuel” and has no intrinsic connection with dead dinosaurs (or any other biological detritus) “in the sediments” (or anywhere else).” from

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Brain-heart feedback

Brain-heart feedback is the idea that it is not only the brain of the human body which is thinking. Some aspects of human cognition and feelings can arguably be provided by the heart.
The brain and the heart form according to the documentary Transplating memories???? an integrated neural system. In the documentary the idea of feedback memory by professor Gary Schwartz, Yale university, is presented.
Link to clip with prof. Schwartz.

Thus, it could be assumed that the heart provides feedback to the brain in the process of learning and creating memories,

More info


The Mindscape of Alan Moore

2003 documentary The Mindscape of Alan Moore by DeZ Vylenz


Art is, like magic, the science of manipulating symbols, words or images to achieve changes in consciousness ... A grimoire for example, the book of spells is simply a fancy way of saying grammar. Indeed, to cast a spell, is simply to spell, to manipulate words, to change people's consciousness. And I believe this is why an artist or writer is the closest thing in the contemporary world that you are likely to see to a shaman.

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Legalese, language deceptive by design?

The on face value stiff but charming old traditions in legal systems with its bureaucratic but ”just” language needs to be scrutinized thoroughly. For within language, words and symbols lies most of our construct in what society is, our culture, traditions, ideas. Most of it (if not all) is in our minds. With a system of syntax, grammar and nomenclature we have a fantastic tool, a well honed method. It can be used for genuine enlightenment but also mind manipulation on massive scale. So with mass communication and propaganda saturating our life you must learn yourself to discern, decipher and to value right and wrong, true or false. If not, you sooner or later end up being lured, diverted or downright robbed, by those who claim to ”know better”. For it seems that the judicial world is all about money, and at the end of the day you have to strike business deals, balance the sheets.

watch and

Timewave zero

Terence McKenna presents his ideas about Timewave Zero (1994).
The video consists of two major parts. The parts are roughly referrenced in the sections on this page under the video with links to the actual place in the video which is quoted or referred to.

The video on Google Video

more on Timewave Zero »»

Digital law of the few

Malcolm Gladwell presents in his book The Tipping Point (2000) the 80/20 rule, that most (80%) of the "work" is made by the minority (20%) of the participants. He describes some personalities which characterises the "few". He presents three major types:
  • The Connector - has a lot of friends and connections and moves between different circles in society
  • The Maven - has a lot of knowledge which he gladly shares
  • The Salesman - has the ability to convince or sell an idea or vogue to other persons

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Sgt. Star Q&A

The virtual host at, Sgt Star, apparently has been programmed not to answer the tougher moral part of the question and jumps solely to the ”benefits” of joining the army.

Everything is like a computer game, including their America's Army game. Their slick Apple-like-experience recruitment stores (below clip) are equally entertainment focused, highly successful. The programming on real G.I.'s is from the same manual.

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The expertise buffer

We should pay dearly rather than indifferently for political personal representation, or party, to govern our lives. The issue here is not money, though may it be an important symbol for commodity in many aspects, and politics certainly costs, but the mere fact that you give away or lend out your own rights to decide what freedom is to you, what ideology is to you, what life is about. You wouldn't accept someone else choosing your lover? (sadly some not exempt from). Or tell what music, literature or artist to like, though an interesting discussion, considering who's owning the printed media and controlling broadcasting, internet etc, but still, things one normally would consider – personal taste – does not comply to ideology? Something that grand and utterly important for ones entire life is narrowed down to "right and left" with a fuzzy middle. The sphere, our globe, and beyond, would better suit how ideology could be illustrated symbolically, in stead of a straight line. Ideology is equally important to love and as intimately personal, though historically it has been seen more collectivistic, that you "belong" to (someone else's) specific ideal, rather than the ideal belonging to you. If you equal ideology to love then you'd better find representation that you can equally trust.

continue reading ...

UN a case study

Part of Talk:Tell a big lie repeatedly the people will believe it

Den mest lyckade och diaboliska propagandan är ju den som ingen känner av. Det vi rycker på axlarna åt; avslagna debatt program, action filmer, reklaminslag, universitet, datorspel, sånghäften, yrkesidentitet, historieböcker, föreningsliv, reportrar framför EU parlament, vardagliga konventioner osv osv ...

read more ... (in swedish and english)

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