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Should really be seen as a good phenomena. Like expansion, furtherance of insights, love and evolution. For example, the sphere is an expanding universe and many times on ideas and symbols, "things" unintangible, (that's the idea). The problem I see is when it is based on business factors in an exploit of trust. Where most members are held out partly or in whole in what the model is and its methods. Money as symbol is not a problem.


The Crash Course

1905 something major happened. 1975 even further. See link in text to the image showing the curve from 1975 to today
Chris Martenson holds his course in economy, "End of Money" seminar condensed. The (first) image to the right shows the period 1665 to 1975 and the price fluctuation. Note the period 1665 to 1905, except from war turbulence, which are intimately connected, very little inflation. A 100$ dug down hidden 1665 is a 100$ 1775 in Chris' example. 100 years and still the same value. In fact quite stable are the levels all the way till 1905. War spending it seems makes value of money bleed at the rate of human suffering, but according to some, most wars are rather caused by ”trends” of inflation, or at least a clear cause and effect is not to be seen, unless you want to blame everything on the elite bankers.

For the suspense I have put the second image here showing the period 1975 to today.

eco(nomic) stick(up)

A funnier spin of "algorism"? Fox's Glenn Beck jumps the crane to show the economic hockey stick.

The Market who?

We casually say the market is running the show. Unless Market is a civilization from another solarsystem, it is really Us, the people who are responsible. Though highly automated, it is flesh and blood humans behind interest rates, stock prices, price on services and goods, metals etc. We have to turn to the valuing, gauging and the judging of our realm of existence. Valuing ideologies, art, love is a subjective personal act. The valuing of commodity should be too. Subjective is often equaled arbitrary or anarchy so therefor "regulation" is required, we reason.

If money as a commodity symbol through democratic process is doing this horrendous inflationary dance it is not really democracy we see at play. I say it is "arbitrary anarchy" disguised as regulation. What happened to "100 years of no inflation"? (not suggesting a period of perfection in every aspect)

Inflation in a healthier way is non proprietary. If you want to expand, you must go where you haven't been before, but you don't stop there, you continue to flow. The less healthy way, esoteric knowledge, ownership, patent, profit, copyright are basically, fear factors. Fear of losing it. So you have stopped the flow and cemented what is yours and what fees you could collect from it.

Off balance

What is (oblivious) off balance? Something you or I can practice?

downloadable from Googlevideo

The great expansion

This relevate to a coming Portal:Free Energy, both the imperative and all its methods.

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