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Frequently asked questions

How can I follow the progress of a specific page or user?

It is easy to track the changes on a specific page by clicking on the HISTORY-link at the top of every page.

It is also possible to follow the changes via a RSS or Atom-feed. The feeds are available in the toolbox in the sidebar of every history page.The RSS-feed for changes on this page is

The work of a specific user is presented on the userpage of every user. To keep-up with the work of e.g, the user "oscar berven" click the USER CONTRIBUTION-link in the toolbox in the sidebar.

If you are logged in as a registered user, you can track changes of pages buy clicking the "watch-link" at the top of a page.

How can I contribute?

Creating Account is temporarily disabled due to spam!
Mail webmaster [at] inormous [dot] net, for account or queries

A user has to be logged in to create new and edit existing pages.

To become a contributor of wikinormous click the link log-in link at the top of this page.

Can I comment anonymously?

”Yes”, on posts with below added ”Leave a comment ...”, you can, Note ”yes”, because you do leave your IP spoore readable in Recent changes. If you log in you don't show your IP though ...

<comments />

How to Get rid of ”Jump to: navigation, search”?

If not logged in this is now disabled default, but when logged in, continue reading ... Only when logged in can you make preference changes. ”Jump to: navigation, search” in upper left corner is not so useful (can be if augmented with Extensions). Disable/enable it (under Misc), and other things in My Preferences.

What is the difference between categories and tags?

On wikinormous the difference is that categories are used to organise the pages of the site according to similarity. Tags are used to describe the content of individual pages.

Categories can be described as containers or boxes and tags as labels.

Read more on the Categories and tags FAQ page.

Where are the ”bread crumbs”? uses BreadCrumbs, a ”how did I get here” link trail, showing pages visited so far. As of now it's not possible to enable it for anonymous visitors, only logged in Users can see it.

{{#Click:The_Central_Bank_Gold_Agreement_(CBGA)|Image:CrumbsInAction.png|Caption is here.}}

How can I see the animation of the ball in the upper left corner?

The picture is an animated png file. You have to use the newest generation of browsers like Opera 9.5+ or Firefox 3 to see the animation of the ball.

Search with wildcards?

Searching with a suffixed asterisk; pow* will give a range of page or title matches with power, powder, powers, powerful, power_of_ etc, but not POW since the SQL does not index three letter words. It is tunable however.

How about other wikis?

Apart from established wikipedia there are other interesting and sometimes amusing pages in wikis like: PESwiki (Pure Energy Systems), metapedia, wikicompany, wikileaks, SourceWatch, Uncyclopedia, Illogicopedia, Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Guidelines for contributers


When editing a page on wikinormous the basic guideline is:

It is preferable to add content to the existing text on a 
page than to delete and rewrite. 

But how should the guideline be followed if the content on a particular page is from one's individual point of view distorted, objectionable or plainly wrong?

Continue to the case study

Case study: TO BE DECIDED

Let's look at the page dedicated to the concept of Elite.

Elite is an important, although ambiguous and controversial concept in e.g. social history and political thought. It can certainly be argued that the concept "elite" is important and needs some kind af clear defintition.

From the perspective that a page dedicated to a specific concept should provide an objective defintion or description, the descriptions and text on a page is not primarily encyclopedic. The page elite is seen as one of countless synapses in the "brain" of wikinormous--or as a small shiny spot on the surface of the wikinormous sphere; associated links make sense; even when the association may seem indirect or arbitrary.

Therefore, when encountering surprising and confusing ideas on a page, please don't swiftly delete the original text and replace it with "relevant" content. It is better to add one's own material to the previous text and/ or create a new page within the wiki.

In the case of ELITE, it is better to re-arrange the text on the page than eradicate loose associations and ideas. It is also possible to create an alternative elite page within e.g. a category of elite definitions.

Editing differences in comparision to Wikipedia

Contributions to Wikinormous are like footprints, which should preferably remain in a page--even if the page becomes cluttered. This approach to the contributions (or "footprints") can be contrasted to the approach of Wikipedia, which encourages constant editing and rewritings to achieve a clear and stringent encyclopaedic text. Wikipedia's approach leads sometimes to fundamental changes of a page over time. Jon Udell has made a fascinating film about the page Heavy Metal Umlaut in the English version of Wikipedia.

Wikinormous may perhaps in the long run need other guidelines for editing, deleting and rewriting; but initially it is preferable to add than to delete and rewite.


In summary, the overarching guideline for is "Honk n' Drive". 
Take notice and care of other readers, users and contributors but thereafter 
the road should be wide open.(For a more detailed discussion see Disclaimer).

Wikinormous: HowTo

Create a new page

There are different ways to create a new page.

  • A page can be created from a word or words in an existing page. Press the Edit link on the page. This leads to the texteditor of the page or a section of a page. Highlight the word/words you would like to create a new page from. Press the Ab-button in the editor. The highlighted word/words are now surrounded by brackets [[ and ]]. Press now the "Save page"-button at the bottom of the page. The chosen word/words should now have different colour than the surrounding text. Click the word/words and after confirming the prompt to create a new page, you can edit the new page.

  • If there is no text with suitable words to create a new page from, a new page can be created by using the search box in the left column of the webpage. Write the word or word combination you would like to create a page of and press GO. You are now told that there is no such page in the wiki. You are asked to create a new page from the word/ words typed in the search box. By affirming the suggestion to create a new page, you can now edit the new page.

(The text reads: "There is no page titled "blah blah blah". You can create this page.")

HowTo at Mediawiki

Link to internal and external sources

There are different methods to link to other pages within or outside the wiki. See Linking HowTo

A special case is to link between pages within the Wiki but using different words than the name of the page. For example the page "Floodgates" can be referred and linked to as a mindmap. To do this write [Floodgates | mindmap] (Note: the letter between Floodgates and mindmap is "pipe" or "vertical bar". (To find the character on the keyboard layout, this page may be of good help). Separating text and link results in a link from the word mindmap which leads to the page floodgates and not to the page mindmap.

Links with anchors and odd characters

The easiest of them all. Have a lengthy text and want a link back to the top ⬆? (the arrow is not obligatory though)

[[#top|⬆ top]]


will link to rubric e.g ” Demo, Solo, Topos and Cracy * ” on the page User:Oscar berven as anchor, and shows how space, commas and asterisk needs to be encoded. More on character encoding here. Some characters like ”right double quotation mark” (”) must be in hex UTF8. Below crazy looking link will take you to economic or state coups via ”legal” machinations


Mediawiki uses "full stop" punctuation (.) in stead of percent (at least when anchor-linking). Anchors with all variations.

An anchor anywhere in your text using <span id="example anchor text">bla bla</span> on e.g. Walter Lippmann, this being default post link without anchor, put the following in the post;

<span id="writer of The Creature">example text wherever in your edit</span>

To later link to above anchored page from another post write incl. number sign (#);


will subsequently take you to Walter Lippmann with anchored link

Category link variation

If you want to link to a Category in the main text without it jumping down as a normal Category-link;

[[:Category:Banking|call it what ever]] 

will look like, call it what ever, etc etc in the text.

more link info

link from images to posts

{{#Click:Information_vis-à-vis_exformation|Image:exformation.png|Caption is here.|XXpx}}

makes images clickable to specific page internal or external. Though Caption and Title seems not to work. Will become default in MediaWiki 1.14 apparently.

{{#Click:Information_vis-à-vis_exformation|Image:exformation.png|Caption is here.}}
{{#Click:|Image:exformation.png|Caption is here.|120px}}

to rid of default external link icon  , use <span class="plainlinks"></span>; {{#Click:|Image:exformation.png|Caption is here.|60px}}

<span class="plainlinks">{{#Click:|Image:exformation.png|Caption is here.}}</span>

Insert YouTube and other videos in a page

To insert a YouTube video use the tags <videoflash> and </videoflash> around the unique name of the Youtube video.

To display e.g. Swedish blogger Stationsvakt's experimental video which is located on YouTube at you should insert the unique name 1ghuFzLfn1k between the tags.

It should look like this <videoflash>1ghuFzLfn1k</videoflash>.

The presentation of the video on wikinormous is shown on this page.

For instructions how to insert Google Video, Revver, Daily Motion and Sevenload videos, please visit the Videoflash page on Mediawiki's website.

If you chose to link to an external video, you can add a time code that will jump the video forward to a specific place in the video. For a YouTube clip add #t=2m15s, for a Google Video add #2m15s. In case of the latter, the link will look like this:

Create and maintain categories

HowTo at Mediawiki

Alsorts good edits

table of contents (TOC)

Sometimes you want to have a table of content sometimes not. In this Help-page you see a lot of TOC. It shows up as soon as you have created more than three headers. The TOC can vary (sub links) depending on header size. But if you don´t want it all together you simply add __NOTOC__ in your edit. If you want it to show up in another place further down in the page add __TOC__ in your edit. And if you want it to show with less than three headers you add __FORCETOC__ preferably before any headers in your edit. ( __ = two underscores)

collapsible show hide text, TOC lookalike

A good way to add text (and video/images) e.g. excerpts from other sources that may be too lengthy, or for some other reason, you can add a ”show-hide” collapsible table. It will look like this;

Width of the table can vary in percentage, above is 30%. The code is;

{| class="wikitable collapsible collapsed" width="30%"
! como no caso do humor
'''Demo''', [[:category:Holographic universe|''' Links''']], can be added and images! 

and all the text etc ...


embed webpages in a post

Anysite, syntax below (size can be in %, px, em, pt):


Can also be with collapsible table combo: