George Hunt Williamson

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Real life Indiana Jones. Though a huge portion of the Indiana Jones audience didn't understand what the heck aliens had to do with archaeology, even those who didn't know about the origin of the character had a feeling that there was no other way to end the Indiana story.

After having the audacity to include his contactee experiences into his archaeology research, George Hunt Williamson lost his professorship at the University of Colorado. He had learned from his ET-contacts that life on earth originated from Mars, and had during a visit to the Andes been shown the original crystals with micro-engravings of this scenario. At the same time the nazis found corroborating artefacts and scrolls for the Mars connection in Tibet, in their search for world domination through occult powers.

The records in these tablets go back 450.000 years, and according to Williamson the pyramids at Shensi located in China - for years denied that they even existed by the establishment - contain the last tablets to be opened. When this is done, the earth grid will be accesible for free energy and cause a complete change in the worlds' conciousness. Since this discovery the monks of Tibet and Tibet itself have been up for grabs by the super powers.

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