George Bush Shoe

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The reporter Muntazer al-Zaidi, who hurled a shoe at George W. Bush, president for the America based british company The United States Corporation, was sentenced to three years in prison for "offending a foreign leader".

Even before this ridiculous sentence - after having been beaten, getting his arm broken, and after serious discussions of a possible pardon! - many protesters have come to Muntazers aid, raising their shoe in protest.

Apparently it was a "Ducati model 271" designed by Ramazan Baydan of Baydan Shoe Company that Muntazer threw, a model that since has become immensely popular worldwide. Other shoe manufacturers have claimed it was their brand that was thrown, a question that can never be resolved since the secret service detonated the shoe after the attack.

sole extra

400 000 orders and counting

The ”popularity” of this shoe incident and the continuing incoming orders of above shoe model should eventually give GWB a real headache. Sincerely though one would hope the whole issue would drop (rather than shoes) considering what other far more devastating rounds have been hitting this torn apart area, e.g. UN sanctions, DU (Depleted Uranium) spiced ammunition and rockets and greedy predatory industrial interests. One question maybe everybody should puzzle over; Was this a false flag operation?

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