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holarchy    (somewhat related to anarchism)

When the sole individual is sovereign, first at that juncture can the idea of the group, the people or a state be likewise. Since the individual already is sovereign in its own right then the group or state can't in a collectivistic way be above it or vice versa. It can however be in harmony. None above the other, the better-worse dichotomy becomes obsolete. As above so below. Corruption and pyramidal imbalances will not take root in such a spherical world of ideas.

So, a natural strength in the individual makes fearful grouping for groupings sake futile. Collective synergies will thus become equally naturally dynamic and can dissolve, reunite or 'newnite' freely.

Subsequently, in this ”non-dogmatic dogma” we reach the seemingly impossible. There we see past ideological and lingual self-contradictory paradoxes. In this world -everything is possible (innovation, freedom), nothing is certain (dogma, stagnation). Up and down is relative thus will the puerile ideological left-right spectra disappear. Here we find total expansion in more directions than we (for the time being) can imagine.

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