Cancerous motives and distribution of energy

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Network-building as related to The Global Brain (and indeed virtually all other facets of life) has one very crucial point; motive. As the parable says, a knife can be a life saving tool, and life taking, it is the inner reason and motivation I contend, that sets a potential cancerous risk. Building cities or industry is all well per se, but the question – Is it necessary? Are we building societies, cities and various networks for faulty reasons? Is it purely for profit? Is it based on secrecy, to continue diversion and disinformation? Are energy solutions based on finite resources so as to create scarcity, leading to more profit?

fear, the immunity downer

Could we not say profit interests are fear based? The fear of losing market shares. The energy industry, as a telling example, would not like power/energy to be something you yourself could ”tap into”. That would kill all sales pitch. A fatal blow for such industry, is the notion of free energy. Oh, ”free does not exist”, we must have costly technology and proprietary innovation in order to deliver that precious energy to our customers. Dependability is crucial to preserve. The corporation is bound to deliver more money, exponentially to its shareholders, as ”naturally” as we are dependent on the delivery of that energy. Indeed we are meant to be ”customized”, but not by ourselves.

Well, the energy company does not create anything other than means to deliver. They do not ”create energy”. They ”tap into it”. A nuclear power plant is in fact not manufacturing the energy potential, there is clearly creativity and much innovation, but only to more or less clunky methods for tapping in, and distribution. It boils down to how we want to distribute and share ”energy”, a symbol-word equal to anything what we as living beings need e.g. love, food, knowledge or creativity, basically survival, how we network and communicate, how we evolve. In my mind, capitalistic ideas are fear based motives for distributing the very necessities of life (mind you, necessities by 'their' definition, not necessarily by your). To otherwise share, with no hefty price tag attached to it, is something that creates a type of allergy in the minds of ”free market people”. I don't see anything free at all in the manic maintenance of property, patent and profit. To share is not socialism as the standard dictionary tells us. Sharing in its purest form is simply to leave open for others to optionally embrace or utilize, not compulsory by one individual, group or state.

free [the] energy!

Tesla´s ideas that promptly got turned down by J P Morgan was the distribution of ”free energy”. Tesla knew he wasn't creating it, but made possible to share the energy potential already being all around us, in this case from the magnetic energy potential in the spinning of the Earth, and it was possible to distribute wirelessly (or transferred via the crust). No way you can put a meter on that.

... or confine it

The constraining fear based distribution is cancerous, something that more or less quickly kills the flow of life energy, in the end killing the entire body. An open distribution as e.g. wireless solar flow, seems to be working marvels. It has for millions of years. If we can provide our self energy in smaller, more free communities in much higher degree if not total, that would make us less dependable on centralized systems, systems that thrive in making just the opposite, perpetuating ”rent”, and more costly interdependable distribution and increasingly fragile to failure. The cancer is an invisible trap of a whole range of different businesses built upon a certain industry that yields profit off of a less independent market. Something that seemingly has little or nothing to do with energy industries, still is inexorably interrelated and plays part to the cancerous whole. Interrelation in it self is not bad at all, really it is what I would like to see and do more, but the absolute danger is when we don´t even know our motives, when we obliviously, indifferently lift our paychecks, without questioning our place and existence. One can not really 'legislate freedom', something that ought to be nature/god given, though doublespeak will have us believe so ... war is peace/Peace Force, deregulation law, war on terror, forfeit freedom for security etc.

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