Age of Transitions

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A film with inormous synchronicity value by Aaron Franz. I only put down key words and namedropping for now and it ought to branch out pretty heftily. The post States of matter is one in tangent, at the top of my head.

downloadable from Google video

the smorgasbord

AI transhumanism eugenics crypto eugenics MK-ULTRA memetics darwinism
Adolf Hitler Rockefeller Carnegie Julian Huxley Aldous Huxley bioinformatics NSF
H G Wells Ray Kurzweil Bertrand Russell elitism VR hive mind Anders Sandberg
terrist utilitarianism GMO Propaganda UNESCO pre-crime Aubrey de Grey
Cathy O'brien Steven Jacobson cognitive science scientism Nick Bostrom gerontology  ?
Methuselah  ?

More info interview with Aaron Franz. How does ”living forever” go along with birth/population control and ”global sustainability” propaganda? On the first link also Red Ice Creations own 30 min documentary Longevity & The Grail.