Advanced militarization the gravest global terrorism

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The definition of terrorism is not exclusive to any specific era, people, technology, method, group or ideology, it can only be defined by the act itself, i.e. the verb, to coerce, intimidate, to put fear into, in pursuit of specific aim. It is of course equaled to any act, to love, hate, to dictate, to hunt, to kill ... in all its various ways it can be done by anyone with any type of motive. The declaration of War on Terror becomes a perfect contradiction, in fact the declaration itself is a form of terrorism, let alone the following methods to execute it, either by low cost methodology or high end technology. Likewise the War on Drugs. An ocean of substances, chemicals, drugs and vaccines are dangerous and lethal and yet not a target in the war efforts. No, these are wars on some drugs, some terrorists, and by that way of defining we have derailed from the real meaning of the words. Terrorism is military for poor, military is terrorism for rich, paraphrasing Peter Ustinov. In other words; – Terrorism Is – by NATO led troops, Irish Republican Army, Hezbollah, Red Brigades, Gladio Networks, Muslim/Christian crusades, US marines et al. Shock and Awe or suicide attacks changes not the act itself or even the motive. The motive is always right ”on our side”, and that again does not redefine the act non the less. Bush's implemented Preemptive Strikes, nothing new in itself, just when pondered on, is a clear terror act, yet the psychological word trick makes us swallow it.

One poignant and obvious but hardly sole part of terrorism is weaponry. One of many (some might argue the most cynical) motives for ”maintaining terrorism” is the weapons industry, it just naturally does not want peace and stability. The five globally biggest weapon export countries are all permanent members of the UN security council, something I have big trouble getting my head around. UN's power to order sanctions (terrorism euphemism) or ratify attacks are equally unfathomable. Indeed that UN militarized ”peace” troops are a normality for us is paradoxical. Peace through coercion? Peace with weapons? This type of false moral and doublespeak I contend is the most devious terrorism ever. A gradualism coercive method, that no one see coming. Of course hinting of our ”terror at home” in the fearful control, ”filtering”-censoring, wiretapping, frisking [1], RFID'ing [2] or promptly physically imprisoning society.


the more distance the better ...

A perfectly repugnant way of warfare now increasing are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), silent killer drones sweeping the airspace in many warzones. What morality is at work when we consider it more correct and clean to kill with cybernetic remote methods in comparison to ”rougher” low tech?

”more distance” applies very well in any hierarchical structure where plausible deniability is heavily used, aka compartmentalization. With enough money and worldly riches you lure agents to do any type of work, behind them you have perfect immunity. A slick executive must keep many layers of security ranging from PR people, lawyers, charities, shell companies and regular muscle. Does it sound like a – chain of command – military/mafia type operation? The more sophisticated conspiratorial structure the better.

Peter Warren Singer on TED, shows how the widespread use of robots in war is changing the realities of combat. He shows us scenarios straight out of science fiction -- that now may not be so fictitious.
Killer robots and a revolution in warfare:Bernd Debusmann

"drone porn"

Find more military entertainment on Pentagon Channel.

... & beyond

The ultimate frontier then is outer space, and the weaponization of it. The ultimate control, the ultimate terror. Many fear that ”full spectrum dominance” or AFSC's ”Master of Space” motto, not is aimed for rogue or failed states or terror networks, but rather for Us, all of us. As it is now, in many places from east to west, when criticizing the government, or global UN umbrella networks you reveal yourself a rogue element and a terror threat. ”Either you're with us ... ”

google video Bruce Gagnon Arsenal of Hypocrisy

unaccountable private defense contractors

or everything's ”going Blackwater”

Jeremy Scahill, author of Blackwater:The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army, tells us of a vastly increasing privatization of military presence and operation over the world. The amount of corporate armies and contractors (Blackwater/Xe-Academi, CACI, Greystone, Halliburton, BAE Systems, Raytheon, Dyncorps, Triple Canope, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Boeing, Northrop Grumman Corporation, AEGIS ...) outnumber traditional forces, and instances of possible abuse or murder goes under the radar for accountability.

Jeremy Scahill Testifies on Defense Contracting, May 2007

holy blackwater/Xe/Academi, modern day crusaders, on Keith Olberman Aug 2009;

Under the guise ”troops leaving Iraq”, the numbers of increasing mercenaries does not count. Watch The Journal Bill Moyers and Jeremy Scahill June 2009


  • Another example of how scale ”makes a difference”
The story of the 2009 war on piracy was best summarized by another pirate, who lived and died in the fourth century BC. He was captured and brought to Alexander the Great, who demanded to know “what he meant by keeping possession of the sea.” The pirate smiled and responded: “What you mean by seizing the whole earth; but because I do it with a petty ship, I am called a robber, while you, who do it with a great fleet, are called emperor.” Johann Hari

  • The oversaturated militant popular media gets entertaining properties, reality tv, video games, watch on Google, Militainment

  • And Glenn Beck ...

... receives unprepared facts from guest Norman Solomon, Public Accuracy on who sponsors who and the real militant propaganda push.

  • Ender's Game Orson Scott Card's classic novel of a kid brood for a single purpose, to become the perfect soldier/commander for the sake of humanity. Though the ultimate game training is maybe not a game after all.

  • Marketing war machine with 'casual' subway ads in Washington DC.

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