”Military employee warned before attack”

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Below text originally in swedish on www.wik.inormous.net/sv; ”Försvarsanställd varnade före dåden”



A person from the Swedish Armed Forces (Försvarsmakten) strongly advised an acquaintance a couple of hours before the explotions in Stockholm City to stay away from Drottninggatan.

... in central Stockholm on Saturday where, several hours later, two explosions went off in what is being called a terrorist attack.

”If possible, avoid Drottninggatan today. A lot could happen there ... just for your information”, the message said, according to TT news agency.


The ”very credible leak source” according to TT, public relations Jonas Svensson, Armed Forces information director Erik Lagersten, professor intelligence analysis Wilhelm Agrell, chief of security MUST John Daniels, professor Jurisprudence Dennis Töllborg and non replying swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt via press secretary Roberta Alenius.

swapped articles

Above newsworthy article content did not just get a minuscule rubric, it was 'article-swapped' by four newspapers with a quite trivial and tendentious text; ”Family of 28 year old in Luton”, seemingly for linking these deeds in Stockholm with other 'established' links spanning from radicalized muslims, London 7/7, al-Qaida and 9/11. On these separately four news papers with three different owners and publishers they all plainly interchanged original article ”Military employee warned before attack” with ”Police at house of 28 year old in Luton” still 'overtly' keeping the same article number.

  • SvD (owner Schibstedt) replaces original article with ”Police at house of 28 year old in Luton” with same article no 5804157 (original cached) A search on SvD (dec 14, 23:30) ”Försvarsanställd varnade” (Military employee warned) gives one hit (earlier no hit); Husrannsakan i bostad utanfor london (Search warrant in home outside of London) where we can read two meek sentences mentioning the warning from the military staffer.

  • ST (owner MittMedia Förvaltnings AB) replaces article with ”Police at house of 28 year old in Luton” with same article no 1.2573964 (original cached). Nothing found on st.nu web search.

  • GP (owner Stampen AB) replaces article with ”Police at house of 28 year old in Luton” with same article no 1.509719 (original cached). Nothing found on gp.se web search.

new addresses

or completely erased

  • Aftonbladet Mobil (Schibsted) original article (cached) 8268828 erased ”Article not available The article has not been publiched”

a few unchanged

subtle glitch in the matrix

Except for the fact that some credible information does slip through mostly in the beginning of a news phenomena like this. Except that this news article should if anything be 'echoed' in the media (read Assange), not become dribbled around and lost by any news publisher (the silence is telltale), how is it possible then that at least four, with three different owners and publishers misplace so similarly, so synchronously, and even erase it completely? The rubric says it all?

Despite the story itself being very important, true or not, is secondary to the subtle but obvious media shuffle as if being centrally controlled either directly by some powerful individuals or by a consensus/political correctness convention hindering us and dumbing us down.


TT Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå (Newspapers' Telegram Bureau) is run by above named players et al. in a ”cooperative model” that indeed might ”develop an open monopoly”, can be read on swedish wikipedia i.e a nice game of Gaylord [2] dialectic tennis between Bonnier & Schibstedt perhaps?

  • Artikel Arkiv.zip (26MB) googlecached articles as originally published and changed articles (html, pdf, png etc).'